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The Southern Indiana Flying Eagles RC Field is located near the abandon North/South Runway at Freeman Field Airport In Seymour Indiana. We share our location with a active ultralight runway. In June of 2011 we were loosing our old field to a city annex and the Seymour Airport Board allowed us to move to this location and we begin building pilot stations, safety stands, a pit area and a spectator fence. As Caretakers of this field  Membership in the club is required as we are charged with maintaining a safe and respectful environment. If you would like to fly here we ask that you contact one of our officers or members to meet you at the field and explain the few simple requirements for flying in close proximity to full scale operation.

Contact us at mail@siferc.com

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3 thoughts on “Our Field

  1. Hello, my name is Thomas and I’m 33 years old. I’ve been flying medium scale warbirds and 90mm edf jets for a few years now, and love it!! I’ve been looking for a club to join with my father Rick for sometime now. We live in Charlestown and there’s just nothing around here. I know winter isn’t the best time but was wondering if we could come up one Saturday and talk with someone and check things out. Thanks!!

  2. Hello again 🙂 I’m still not a member with a club, but would like to come up this Saturday afternoon and try my new Freewing 90mm F-16 edf jet out! I’ve been flying warbirds and other planes a lot, but this would be my maiden flight for this jet. Would also like to meet with someone who’s flown these big jets for any type of advice! I have my AMA membership. Best email for me is tusowski@hotmail.com

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